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Live your life better for today; Your tomorrow is safe with us.

T.Jayapal LIC Agent

Arumugam Nagar Veppur Cross Road, Veppur, 606304



Free service 

To take a new policy in LIC
Payment for an LIC policy.

Taking a loan for an LIC policy

If the LIC policy is left unpaid for a long period of time, the policy will be renewed 

Conversion of Nominee in LIC Policy

Change of address in LIC policy

Assignment of LIC Policy

Providing a way to incorporate your Bank A / C into your policy as all transactions in LIC are done through Bank A / C

In addition, all LIC policy related services are provided free of charge at your place of residence

By the people we are for the people we LIC live in and after life

For the future of your baby
'Are you ready'?

Doing Homework

LIC's Jeevan Tarun Plan is life saving and saving for your baby



Minimum sum insured 75000

Maximum Basic Sum Assured: Unlimited

Minimum entry age for the insured:
90 days (must be completed)

Maximum entry age for insured: 12 years (must be completed)

Policy Term: (25-years at the time of entry) years

Premium Payment Period: (20 - Age at entry) years

There is a premium discount benefit option


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