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Srilasree Natasa Gnana National Swamis

The story of a sage  

The traditional way of living  India is a land of lofty worlds surrounded by the sea, full of oil temples, great saints and saints, and blessed with divine blessings. The southern part of India is a native of Tamil Nadu. Tiruchirappalli, also known as Trichirapalli, is located in the heart of the country. Madurapuri is a picturesque village located on the road to Musiri, about 3 km from Thuraiyur in the Trichy district. In this town, the divine king who ruled Tirukovilur lived in the Bhargava clan, in the traditional way of the Kugamuni tribe, like Valluvarum Vasuki.  சத்திய சீல  Return of kindness. Return to Sabapathy Udayarum, the best companion of his teachings. To the mother of Visalachchi, the head makavai swamis repent. Appeared as the incarnation of the Mother

Incarnation time, time, astrology

Suba Ka - Yugadhi - 4999 - Sa - Vagam - 1820, English 28 - 9 - 1898 The year of the proper Prabhavadi, 14th day of the month of Purattasi, Wednesday, Tashnayanam, New Year, Karkalam, Sutkilat Triyodasi 03 45, Chaturthi 56 - 10, Satyam 10 - 53, first day avittam 13 - 31, next day purattadi 09 - 5) sulam 0 - 53, kandam 54 7, taitulai 03 - 45, kera 28 - 5, divi 26 - 21, amuta clock akasu 29 - 52, with Swamiji appeared in the first part of Purattadi Nakshatra for about 21 hours and 45 seconds at 02 hours and 42 minutes in the daytime. Presence in the direction of Guru Maha who came to go to the mother's womb: 13th coming, Ma, 5th day

 Navagraha Footprint Details 

  • Lakkinam in Thiruvonam 1

  •   Sunset at sunset 1 

  • Moon in Purattati1 

  • Tuesday at 4 p.m. 

  • Wednesday at Uttar Pradesh 2

  •   Guru in Figure 1 

  • Venus in Vizag 3 

  • Saturday in Anusam 3

  •   In Proposition 3  Rahu

  •   Ketu in Punarpusam 1 ​



Note: This astrological mathematics is represented in the 28th water sentence almanac way. Astrology. Found in Kariyanur. There are 500 songs for Swamis in Bukander Nadi Shastra for Sri. 

Transfiguration and education. 

Named "Nadesan" for Swami, the adoptive parents of the great. The eye was developed as a concept. At an early age, he acquired the virtues of knowledge, peace, encouragement, and devotion. According to Kathi Mutha - ya Valarmati, in one of the Iyandavile's, in one of the schools of the Veerasaiva period, Periyarakiya Somasundara Aiya Perunthakaiyidam, the author of the books, jurisprudence from the ancient alphabet, the epics, etc. Home for a long time - If you read from step by step,

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